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Defense Attorneys Helping Clients Get On – And Stay On – Probation

Probation is often associated with jail time, but probation could be a favorable alternative in place of jail time. Many times, especially if this is a first offense, probation can be bargained in a deal with prosecutors. But this is best achieved with the help of an experienced attorney like our lawyers at Cooper & Cooper, Attorneys at Law, LLC.

It is important that you contact us quickly after being accused of a crime so we can help you get fair representation and push for lesser sentences such as probation. Cases or questions involving probation are often complex matters. If you have questions about this or are looking for representation in such a matter, please contact us and tell us about your case.

Were You Accused Of Violating Your Probation?

It is surprisingly easy to find yourself in violation of the terms of your probation. There are essentially two types of violation. The first is a technical violation such as failing to report to your probation officer (PO) on time or not holding onto a job. These violations could result in no punishment, a short stint in jail (up to three days) imposed by your PO, or a longer stint in jail (or other consequences) imposed by a judge. You would have the right to request a probation revocation hearing to challenge the more serious consequences.

The other type of violation, which is more serious, occurs when you are either charged with a new crime while on probation or have been accused of “absconding,” which is essentially running away from your probation. In such cases, you will likely need to attend a probation revocation hearing, and a judge may order you to serve your full original sentence.

Our attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of Alabama probation laws and procedures, and we are prepared to represent you at these hearings. We will advocate strongly to keep you enrolled in probation and will work to minimize the consequences you face.

Get Your Questions Answered During A Consultation

The criminal justice system may be harsh and impersonal, but we’re not. Our lawyers truly care about clients, and we do everything we can to help you address your probation issues and get back on the right track. Our offices are based in Auburn and Phenix City, and we serve the surrounding areas of Alabama.

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