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Family Law Attorneys Advocating For The Best Interests Of Children

Children deserve all of the care and attention we can give them. After a marriage is over, the children, who are at no fault, must be cared for – both physically and financially.

At Cooper & Cooper, Attorneys at Law, LLC, we help clients find customized family law solutions that protect their children and preserve a strong relationship with them. Our attorneys believe strongly in the value of family, and we want to help your family get through this difficult time and look forward to a brighter future.

Assistance With Child Support Awards, Modifications And Enforcement

Generally, child support is paid from one parent to the other parent, who is the primary caregiver of the child or children, to financially assist and aid them in the care of that child. We understand how important it is that children receive the financial support they need. At the same time, child support awards must be sustainable for the paying parent to ensure that there is no interruption or hardship to the children.

We represent clients in child support court and can help you modify child support agreements when necessary. Whether you are the paying parent or the receiving parent, our attorneys are ready to assist you and your kids.

Skilled Guidance In Child Custody Matters

Courts must make custody decisions in the best interests of children. Most of the time, Alabama courts believe that it is in a child’s best interests to maintain a strong relationship with both parents. That may not mean a perfectly equal share for each parent, however.

Our attorneys can help you craft a custody agreement that works best for your kids. We can also help you seek to modify an existing child custody agreement if there has been a significant change in circumstances.

Discuss Your Child Custody And Support Concerns With Us

At Cooper & Cooper, Attorneys at Law, LLC, we offer initial consultations to prospective family law clients in Auburn, Phenix City and the surrounding areas of Alabama. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us online or call 334-521-2735.