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Divorce or legal separation of marriage is not a pleasant experience for anyone, but you do not need the added stress of dealing with an inexperienced attorney at the same time. That’s not an issue when you contact Cooper & Cooper, Attorneys at Law, LLC. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience, and we will advise you on the steps to a divorce and will do our best to help you work through the common problems associated with divorce to come to an agreement with the other party that will keep your case from being tied up in litigation. We offer our services to all clients who need them, including legal representation for same-sex divorce cases.

Will Your Divorce Be Contested Or Uncontested?

A divorce usually consists of several issues that need to be decided and agreed upon by both parties:

  1. Division and distribution of property and belongings
  2. Debt assumptions
  3. Financial support and custody of children
  4. Financial support of a former spouse

An “uncontested” divorce generally means the divorce is resolved without going to court. The parties seeking the divorce, though they very likely disagree, have agreed on enough matters to settle the disputes outside of the courtroom. A contested divorce is usually a complex divorce in which the parties cannot agree and are forced to go to court to seek a judge’s ruling. Sometimes, these cases can also be resolved privately with the help of a neutral mediator. Family law attorneys play a critical role in representing the client’s interests and helping them understand legal procedure.

Whether you are seeking a divorce that is contested or uncontested, you should be advised of your legal rights and you should have someone to represent you. We are standing by to help you at any time.

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